Florida Parenting Plan

One of the required components of a divorce with children is a parenting plan.   A Florida parenting plan must be in place prior to the finalization of a divorce decree.   The plan is approved by the judge in your case according to the individual factors relevant to your case.  Even if there is agreement related

Parenting Class Online

Parenting classes are required across several states for parents divorcing with minor children.   In a survey of counties across the United States in 1998, approximately 48 percent of counties make use of parenting classes for divorcing parents.   Parenting class online has become a very popular means of delivering these courses, with several states and counties

How Divorce Affects Children

How a divorce affects children is one of the main concerns of parents considering or going through with a divorce.   Parents often worry that they will damage their children and negatively affect their children’s functioning.  Will a divorce really cause negative consequences?   The answer to this question is complicated, and depends on different factors.  Some

Divorce Class: A Basic Overview of Content and Effects

By Stephen Mayville, Ph.D. Divorce classes are common throughout the United States and exist in numerous counties throughout the country. In one study, researchers found that some form of divorce education for parents going through the divorce process existed in 48% of counties across the United States (Geasler & Blaisure, 1999). Given that the estimate